Saying Yes

Twenty-two years ago when we met in Shiatsu school, Laura and I became fast friends. Not only did we share a love of bodywork, soul work, and a heart-centered writing practice, we both believed in the body’s natural ability to heal when supported by positive thoughts, positive energy, and a nurturing environment.

It didn’t matter that we lived on opposite ends of the Twin Cities, we still chose to be partners in our training and drove all the way across town to practice together. Because that’s the kind of friends we had become.

I was there when she got engaged. She unwittingly introduced me to the magnificent man who is now my husband. I was in her wedding. Her sister is married to one of my husband’s best friends.

We’re all in the family.

It didn’t even matter that a few years into our friendship, she moved to Florida. As our lives got busier, as significant time began to pass between visits and phone calls, we always picked up where we left off.


You know what I’m talking about. She’s that kind of friend.

So when the text came a few weeks back that said only, can you talk? I knew something wasn’t right.

Then, when the test results came back days later showing that the breast cancer she had been successfully managing for 18 months had suddenly metastasized, there was absolutely no hesitation — I said yes.

Yes to whatever that meant.

Yes to however I could offer support.

Yes to showing up in ways we never asked for and never could have expected.

Yes to stepping into the unknown with her, staying close to the positive thoughts and positive energy and nurturing environment we had always believed could help a body heal itself.

Only we’re not in school anymore. And the body we’re talking about healing is no longer theoretical — it’s hers.

So in less than two weeks, I am humbled and grateful to be boarding a plane to meet Laura in Germany where she is currently with her family receiving treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. The day after I arrive, her husband and two boys will return home for the two week duration of her healing time there.

As I prepare for this adventure, I ask for your support on their behalf in whatever ways you are able. We invite prayers of healing, for clarity and strength, and for the highest good of all to be served. We invite healing energy for her body and spirit, for the support of her care team, and for those who love her who are navigating the complexities of this experience in their own ways. We invite financial support through their YouCaring crowdfunding site to ease the hearts and minds of her family during this experience (you can read more of Laura’s story there).

And we invite you to share her story widely, if you are so moved.

Because I believe that when we face terminal illness, we need our community — and our community’s community — to rally around us. Because I believe that the power of small actions lead to GREAT MAGIC, beyond our wildest imagination. And because I believe more than anything that we are always better, stronger, and more resilient together.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. ~Helen Keller