write yourself home - fall 2023

"I've always thought of my writing as a spiritual practice."

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Daily writing practice is like having a doorway to the soul. The creative muse, which inhabits us all, is a stickler for consistency and ritual -- she wants to know we're invested before she starts offering up her gems and magic to inspire our lives. When we develop this relationship with her, when we commit to engaging the mystery, it's like coming home to ourselves -- we see more clearly, we make contact with how we're really feeling about things, and we access who really lives in here, along with all of the wisdom and imagination and creative insight that is available to imbue our lives with meaning, guidance, and direction.

Connect into this inspiring space through this 6-week creative adventure -- it's easy. Our circle consists of daily prompts that you can enjoy on your own or with the group, a Monday-Friday Zoom practice space that will be recorded (no pressure, come as you're able), and additional time after writing practice on Mondays and Fridays to check in as a community (see schedule below). Dip in and out as you are called -- ample structure and freedom to meet you exactly where you are.

Think of it as your own dedicated space to come and write or rest in community -- use the prompts or not, journal whatever is arising or not, bring your own project to work on or not. The time is yours and we will hold space for one another to be in our own process. It's easier than we think to weave our creative heart and its essential expression into our daily lives. Let's use this 6-weeks of daily opportunity to practice building some momentum in our own creative lives.

Trust me, I need this, too. I am so excited to share this space with you!



As we build a nourishing ritual around our writing practice, make it as inspiring and comfy for yourself as possible. Some suggestions:

  • computer for joining in on Zoom
  • a journal or notebook
  • favorite writing implements
  • a candle
  • snuggly blanket
  • something delicious to sip on



We begin our 6-week exploration on Thursday, September 21, 2023 with an opening circle via Zoom from 9:00-10:00am (central time). From there, the schedule is:

  • a daily prompt to support your writing -- on weekdays, this is available in our practice space; on weekends, by email
  • our practice space is open Monday-Friday from 9:00-9:30am (central time) via Zoom - this will be recorded and available in a shared Google Drive folder each day for your continued access. If you can't join us live, choose a time to write and play the recording as if it were live -- we share the quantum field of lovingly held community space either way.
  • every Monday and Friday, we extend our Zoom following practice until 10am to check in with the circle, as desired.
  • our closing circle is Tuesday, October 31, 2023 from 9:00-10:00am (central time) via Zoom.

Upon paid registration, you will receive the Zoom link to join in, good for our opening and closing circles, as well as for our practice space.



The purpose of our shared daily space is to establish a ritualized, supportive creative grounding for our practice. We will begin each circle with a candle lighting and intention setting, a moment to center and ground as we come together. Plan to have your camera on for our setting the space, then feel free as you write to have your camera on or off.

Sharing space will be available during our opening (September 21st) and closing (October 31st) circles, and during our dedicated time on Mondays and Fridays after practice (9:30-10:00am central time).


Who is this for?

This is for anyone interested in beginning, rediscovering, or revitalizing their writing practice, and/or those interested in establishing regular contact with the soul. However you choose to join in is just right -- you might come to journal, to work on a specific project, to tend your creative spark using the daily prompts, to sit, draw, dance, rest, etc. The community support we offer one another is wide open and designed to hold space for each person's personal practice, however that emerges from day to day.

Keep in mind, there is no pressure here -- absolutely no way to get it right or wrong. Rest assured...there is nothing to keep up with, no problem if you don't write everyday. This is a space to cultivate our sense of connection with ourselves through the practice of writing -- the key word here is practice. The beauty of a 6-week container is it is a solid enough amount of time to ride the wave of our desire, our inspiration, our resistance, our commitment and re-commitment -- in short, to practice being with whatever arises.

When we show up with curiosity and a willingness to explore, anything is possible.

No previous background with writing is required to join us. Be free to take only what resonates for you and leave the rest. You have express permission to write the worst crap of all the crap that has ever been written by any human at any time, anywhere. This is about process, not about product.

And, if you are writing for product, meaning you have a particular project you want to dedicate this practice time to, more power to you -- use this space to write your "shitty first draft" which is exactly what I'll be doing. Imagine this -- over 6 weeks, if we write two pages per day, we'll have 120+ pages at the end of this adventure. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty amazing and important to me!


As you tend the call of the heart and soul for more engaged living, you come to be more at home within yourself. Let's do this together.


Fine Print: By joining this gathering, you understand that the guidance and creative process offered is not a replacement for therapy or professional mental health support. If you have questions about whether this is for you, please feel free to contact me.



The investment for our creative exploration together is $188 (USD) payable via Venmo (@Christy-Marek-1) or PayPal (@tendinglife). If you are interested in participating but don't use Venmo or PayPal, and/or if you'd like to break the payment into two separate transactions, please let me know and we can make arrangements.



My vision is a world in which we each become more acquainted and friendly with the deepest parts ourselves, and as we tap that well of inner wisdom, to know ourselves as connected, resilient, and compassionate within and without. From this place, I believe we are best able to engage ourselves and our fellow travelers with kindness and love through all of the twists and turns of life. My creative offerings are one way I am called to foster this playful spirit in the world. I wholeheartedly welcome you to join me in the adventure!


About your guide

Christy Moe Marek is a soul companion, writer, healer, and creative process facilitator who specializes in guiding individuals and their loved ones to finding presence and possibility within the mystery of life’s transitions. She is particularly interested in the intersection of spirituality, creative process, and the wholeness of our human experience.

Certifications include: Anamcara (“soul friend”) End of Life Practitioner, End of Life Doula, Intentional Creativity Teacher + Guide, and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. Christy brings her extensive background in the creative and healing arts to life alongside her clients as they discover possibility, meaning, and purpose through engaging together with the mystery of whatever comes.



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