"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

~Maya Angelou

About The Quickening

Beltane eve - April 30, 2022
7:00pm - 9:00pm (CT) via Zoom
Cost: $22


The Quickening is a soulful collaboration between Tending Life at the Threshold and Spirited Transformation.

Fellow heart-healers Liz Coenen and Christy Marek are joining passions for ritual healing, creativity, ceremony, and the natural world with this gathering called, The Quickening - A Beltane celebration to ignite the light within.

The Celtic festival of Beltane celebrates the union of the sun's light from above with the light of the waking earth below, and the light within all living things. We invite you to join us in circle for an evening of exploration of what it means to be in relationship with Nature as we all ignite in the fullness of Spring. Together, through gentle movement, guided creative process, and sacred ceremony, we will nourish the quickening of our inner light, in concert with the rhythms of nature. Come prepared for an evening of connection and discovery.



We meet for this circle gathering on Beltane eve by Zoom. Our virtual space opens at 6:55pm with music to allow time to fully arrive. As we begin, we ask that your microphone be off and your camera on to facilitate full participation from the comfort of your home.

We welcome everyone together with a reading to center ourselves, invite gentle movement to lead us into an inquiry-guided creative process of metacognitive drawing, through which we'll explore our relationship to our inner light. (Rest assured, this is about process, not product and literally refers to thinking about thinking while moving pen on paper to gather insight -- no experience necessary.) An opportunity to briefly share what arises, if desired, is available. Sacred ceremony in honor of all who gather and the ancient celebration of Beltane weaves throughout our time together.



Payment of $22 can be made via Venmo (@Christy-Marek-1) or PayPal (@tendinglife). If you don’t use electronic payments and still would like to register, email to make other arrangements.

Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom link and a supply list (.pdf) with simple suggestions for preparing yourself and your space for our gathering. A reminder will be sent the morning of the event.


To register or for more information, fill out the form at the top of this page and proceed to Venmo or PayPal to make payment.


About your guides:

Christy Moe Marek, soul companion + end of life doula

My delight is walking the deep places of our collective human experience with others, unraveling the ways our sacred stories stand alone, and where they naturally intersect. This mutuality, along with remembering our place in the heart of the natural world, are the threads that weave into my passion for engaged living until our last breath, and beyond.


Liz Coenen, M. Divinity

As a joyful contemplative in action, my daily intention is to celebrate the fullness of life and all of creation. My work in the world has allowed me to sit at a variety of tables and I have learned that my heart finds its gladness in the transformative power of mutual relationships connecting people across a diversity of life experiences.

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