Spirited Meditation Circle - Sept-Dec 22

"Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak."

~Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

About Spirited Meditation Circle

Autumn Session - weekdays, September 22, 2022 - December 21, 2022
7:30am - 8:00am (CT)
Zoom room opens at 7:25am with music


Are you looking for more peace and centeredness in your life? To approach each day with more grounding and vitality to support your well-being on every level -- mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic, etheric? Do you find inspiration in the collective energy of community joining together in service of the heart?

I invite you into this meditation gathering via Zoom to enhance a sense of compassion and connectedness, and to open a supportive energetic space in which to develop, grow, or revitalize your meditation practice.

This turn of the Celtic wheel, between September 22 and December 21, brings us into the space of considering what has come to us in harvest and how we might lean into that magnificent bounty to sustain us in the dark season to come. When we work with the cycles in this way, we do so with openness to possibility – what is possible during this turn of the wheel to feed us, to nourish us heart and soul as we move through the Autumn? What choices will we make that support our vision for present and future?

We tend to this inner process by gathering in circle, being willing to notice, to practice, to create space for stillness, to get to know ourselves and to take responsibility for how we are showing up for ourselves, and how we are showing up in the world.

What the world needs now is more of us taking deep, tender loving care of ourselves every day, and bringing that transformational healing energy of kindness and love into the world. Joining together in meditation is a way to create and share the energy of community that becomes an offering to the Earth and all of her inhabitants.



We meet for 30 minutes each weekday at 7:30am (CT) by Zoom. The space opens at 7:25am with music to allow time to fully arrive. I bring us together with a reading or reflection to center our practice, a short guided invitation into our sit, where we will be in silence together for about 20 minutes. Each session concludes with a quote, an inquiry for self-reflection, or a short reading to carry with you into your day.


This session there are two ways to participate:

Live gatherings, by donation
Our live gatherings continue to be offered freely from my heart to yours, with gratitude donations gratefully received at any time during the session via Venmo (@Christy-Marek-1) or PayPal (@tendinglife). If you don’t use electronic payments and still would like to donate, let me know and we can make other arrangements.

Subscribe for access to the daily recordings, $44 for the sessionIf the timing of the live sessions doesn’t work in the flow of your day, consider subscribing for access to the Fall Session recordings. This makes it possible to tune in when it is most convenient for you and grants continued access to relisten as you like. Choose this option either independently from attending live gatherings, or in addition.

Subscribe by making payment of $44 via Venmo (@Christy-Marek-1) or PayPal (@tendinglife). If you don’t use electronic payments and still would like to subscribe, let me know and we can make other arrangements. You may notice, this option is available at a deep discount from previous sessions (from $111).  If you're interested and the cost is still prohibitive, please contact me and let me know what amount would work for you -- my vision is to make this content more broadly accessible.

Upon payment, you will receive access to the Google Drive folder where the audio recordings are housed. After each morning’s gathering, the audio file will be uploaded to the drive (on rare occasions, this will occur later in the day). When our session is complete, you will have continued access to this folder.


However you desire to participate, simply fill out the form at the top of this page letting me know and I'll send along the Zoom link.


What else you need to know...


Come as you are

We meet with cameras off, and interaction is not required, so come as you are – sweats and bedhead are welcome. Have a blanket to wrap up in, if you desire, and whatever else you need to be comfortable as you ease into your day.

New this session: I invite you to create a personal altar with a candle and to join in the dark of morning with your camera on and your candle lit. If this doesn’t appeal and you’d still like to join with your camera off, consider creating such an altar, taking a photo of it in the dark with the candle lit, and letting that be your profile photo. The intention of this is to spend the session witnessing how we deepen into the dark of the season together, reminding us how powerful it is to share our light—not only with each other but in our gathering, to notice how our the light of our group meditation amplifies in the world.

Bring a mug of something warm and yummy, and perhaps consider creating a ritual around preparing for our session by getting your beverage ready and bringing it to nourish you with its warmth and aroma and taste as we practice. Maybe you’ll even light a candle before logging in, setting an intention for our time together as part of your ritual for joining. Make this a special, sacred time that is yours.

You may not be able to join us every day – come as often as you like. Rest in the knowing that we are coming together at the same time each weekday and are holding the space for you to be with us in person or in spirit.

Be uplifted by seeing who is with us, and energetically, the space we create and hold together in community will offer an added boost of goodness to each of our individual meditation experiences.


Who is this for?

This circle is open to anyone who wants to experience the power and support of community meditation in order to build a practice or enhance their existing one; those who desire a gentle, loving reminder that the power of peace and stillness is yours always; those looking for a supported energetic space in their day for self-care and nurturing to infuse their life with more goodness and light.

No previous background with meditation is required to join us – just a willingness to explore your own experience. Be free to take only what resonates for you and leave the rest.

Fine Print: By joining this community, you understand that the meditation guidance offered is not a replacement for therapy or professional mental health support. If you have questions about whether this is for you, please feel free to contact me.



My intention in creating this community space is to invite more love, ease, and connection (both within ourselves and with each other) into the world. Through our practice together, I envision us coming into deeper relationship with ourselves in these times of uncertainty by engaging what is, being present where we are, and finding peace in the moment. In the process, we are cultivating spaciousness and a greater capacity for joy in our lives, and by extension, the world.


About your guide

Christy Moe Marek is a spiritual companion, loss navigator, and transition guide who specializes in helping individuals and their loved ones find presence within the disruption caused by life’s unexpected transitions – in particular: illness, dying, and death, and the grief inherent to the process. Certified both as an end of life doula and Anamcara (“soul friend”) end of life practitioner, as an Intentional Creativity Guide, and as a Meditation Instructor, Christy brings her extensive background in the creative and healing arts to life alongside her clients as they discover possibility, meaning, and purpose through engaging together with whatever comes.


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