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"One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul."

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

About The Sisterhood

6 months of gatherings (in-person on the Wednesday closest to the New Moon)

Meeting dates: 7/27/22, 8/27/22, 9/25/22, 10/25/22, 11/23/22, 12/23/22

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: all gatherings at a private location in Lakeville, MN (details shared upon paid registration)

Plus, a private online community and discounts to offerings in 2022

Cost: $122


We are whole. We don't need fixing. We don't need to be told what we know to be true. We have all that we need within us. We have the space and the time to tend our deepest selves when we choose it.

And now, we have The Sisterhood to support us in accessing our deep wisdom and inspiring sacred relationship with our individual and collective bright beautiful feminine light.

For 6 months we will gather together in person in the spirit of belonging, ritual, creative inquiry, inspiration, and witnessing. We will have a private online community for continued connection between gatherings. With Spirit alongside us deeply invested in what is being created here, who knows what else will arise to be included as our six-months evolve!

We exist in a time that continues to change at record pace, inviting us to change along with it. Transformation comes as a result of befriending ourselves and embodying the confidence that enables us to live our fullness in the world. Let's come together in the spirit of self-love, kindness, and compassionate living. In addition to growing us heart and soul, joining together in community in this way becomes an offering to the Earth and all of her inhabitants.


What treasures of personal medicine are you being nudged to bring to the world? What is calling from within you to be given voice? How can we come together in sisterhood to reclaim our creative genius for the good of ourselves and humanity?


Our circle is incomplete without your presence. Your world is incomplete without your gifts. Together we create wonders.

No experience with circle is necessary – bring your open heart and a willingness to explore your own experience.



We meet in person for a 2-hour circle once per month through the end of 2022. These circles will take place at a private location in Lakeville, MN on the Wednesday closest the New Moon. Each circle begins at 6:30pm with a ritual of connection, a reading and sharing about the evening's topic, bringing us into a creative inquiry practice to engage the theme, followed by time to share, and a closing reading by 8:30pm. Following the end of circle, there will be a short time to socialize, as desired, as we depart by 9:00pm. A small snack and tea will be provided.



The cost for our circle is $122 payable via Venmo (@Christy-Marek-1) or PayPal (@tendinglife). If you don’t use electronic payments and still would like to join, let me know and we can make other arrangements.

The fee covers all six months; however, you are free to come as you are able. As these gatherings are in person, they will not be recorded or otherwise available.

Your registration is complete upon payment. When payment is received, you will receive an email with further details for our time together, including the address for our meetings, and a link to the private Facebook group to begin connecting with your community.


Interested? Simply fill out the form at the top of this page and I'll add you to the list.


What else you need to know...


Who is this for?

If you're looking for your circle of kindreds, this is for you. If you're longing for deeper connection with the sacred feminine within you and others, this is for you. If you're listening for your intuition and unique voice, this is for you. If you're loving the possibility of discovering your what's next, this is for you.

No previous background with circle is required to join us – bring your open heart and willingness to explore your own experience. Be free to take only what resonates for you and leave the rest.

Fine Print: By joining this community, you understand that this circle and all content offered is not a replacement for therapy or professional mental health support. If you have questions about whether this is for you, please feel free to contact me.



My intention in creating this community space is to bring women together in a loving, supportive container that enables us to discover and uncover our gifts, to come into deeper trust with who we are and why we're here on the planet at this time, and to inspire each other to live those gifts in the world in the way that is uniquely ours. We are often too isolated from other women -- I envision this sisterhood as a brave space to gather and explore ourselves, to become more fully the shining light we are meant to be. As we become curious about who we are, as we are willing to show up to the call of our soul and to discern our next best steps based upon what we witness, we cultivate spaciousness and a greater capacity for joy in our lives, and by extension, the world.


About your guide

Christy Moe Marek is a spiritual companion and transition guide who helps individuals to creatively engage with all of life's opportunities, accepting life itself as an invitation to grow and meet our ever-evolving selves. She is certified as a Red Thread Circle Guide and Intentional Creativity Teacher, as well as an Anamcara (“soul friend”) end of life practitioner and End of Life Doula. Christy brings her extensive background in the creative and healing arts to life alongside those she works with to discover possibility, meaning, and purpose in all of life, whatever comes.


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