New possibilities…

Hello sweet friends!

I imagine you’re with me when I say it has been (and continues to be) a time. A time of what, you ask? Of change, of deepening in, of quiet and stillness, of navigating chaos, of learning and growing, of lots and lots of outside time, of devoting attention to wonders big and small, and… did I mention change?


More and more, I am growing content with the fact that this upheaval, while disorienting and painful in many ways, is beneficial. Where and when I can, I’m doing my best to create space for it, internally and externally. This means sticking with what feels hard, breathing into it, listening for what calls, and waiting for inspired action rather than hurriedly taking action for action’s sake.

Likewise, more and more, I am grateful for this role I get to play supporting those who are experiencing illness to bring this same fullness and wisdom to every moment, both as they face death — their own or of someone they love — and all along the road to get there. This is the sacred work of life! Exploring with people how transition, impermanence, and grief held lovingly and gently beside our longing for safety, stability, and joy is what grows us into our truest selves… This. This is the work of my heart.

And it is my greatest passion.

If you or someone you love is experiencing illness, with or without a current terminal diagnosis, and is curious about living authentically through illness, the last breath, and beyond, I invite you to reach out for a free conversation about what our working together could look like.

It’s all about identifying the possibilities inherent in holding both what is actually happening for you moment-to-moment alongside the very real desire to survive it for as long as possible.

We can do this together.

Please note that while I have begun charging for services again, I do so with an enhanced focus on accessibility. More than ever, I am aware of how essential it is that everyone who wants to work with me to co-create their final years and months and days, has the ability to do so. If you haven’t reached out because of ability to pay, I am certain we can work something out that nourishes us both.

It would be my absolute joy to walk with you on your journey. I look so forward to hearing from you.

Take uncommonly good care of you. From my heart to yours…