I’m here…

UPDATE 7/20/20 – Please note that while I have begun charging for services again, I do so with an enhanced focus on accessibility. More than ever, I am aware of how essential it is that everyone who wants to work with me to co-create their final years and months and days, has the ability to do so. If you haven’t reached out because of ability to pay, I am certain we can work something out that nourishes us both.


Hello friends,

It has been a little while. And how the world has changed since I posted last! It has felt more and more necessary to put together a quick post, to reach out, and let you know I’m still here.

Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve been weathering some unanticipated life changes at my own homestead, and carrying all of this uncertainty alongside trying to manage my own saturation level of the news of what is happening “out there”. Again, as I’m sure you know, it’s a fine and tricky balance.

Things in this moment for me seem to be changing a little less rapidly, and my footing is feeling a little more sure…or as sure as it can in a global pandemic. Sometimes, these little wins are all we can ask for. I am relishing in the sun that has come out after days and days of grey, and the temperatures here in Minnesota that are inching their way in a warmish direction. And with Spring’s recent arrival, even with all the upending happening, I find myself profoundly grateful that Nature is here to remind us firsthand of how resilient we are.

Like generations of our ancestors before us, we will get through this.

But I can’t help thinking about how in the midst of COVID-19 chaos, life, and particularly death, go on.

If ever there was a time to realize that the lifecycle continues no matter what we do or say, no matter how much we try to beat death back or control it, it is now. I’ve been wading through the countless stories circulating of how isolated we are from those we love, especially those who are aged or ill or dying, and living it myself in my own work and life. Which has left me wondering, how can I best be of service?

In this moment in time, where will my gifts meet the world’s deep need?

What has shown up for me is that until further notice, I am offering my end of life doula services free of charge.

What this means for you (and for your circles…please share!) is that:

If you have questions about your own support as a person with a terminal illness; if you are wondering how to best support your aging, ill, or dying loved ones when you can’t be with them; or if you’re on the front lines and need ideas for tending to your own emotional and spiritual wellbeing, or the emotional and spiritual needs of the dying you serve and their families, please reach out.

I look so forward to hearing from you and joining together to ease the way for all of us.

And I do hope you will take a listen within yourself to find what a mentor of mine calls your piece of the red thread — we are not here to do what everyone else is doing, or to even measure ourselves by what everyone else is doing, but to find the part of this big crazy tapestry called life that is ours to affect and influence, in whatever way has the most pull for us. I encourage you, in this time of the world’s deep need, to discover yours.

And then go for it!

Until next time, shine your light, be kind, and be well. And remember, as disconnected as you may feel, you need not walk this alone. We will get through this together.