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Wonder of All Things returns!

Reminders of Impermanence

By ~Christy | 12/09/2018

“I’m in an ambulance on my way to the hospital,” my husband told me as I rubbed the sleep out of my…

Message Received

By ~Christy | 08/18/2018

As originally published for The Convenings on 8/17/18   “I heard my mother talking to me yesterday,” a client recently told me.…

The Playfulness of the Unknown

By ~Christy | 07/30/2018

As originally published for The Convenings on 7/23/18 The other night, while enjoying dinner with my dad and bonus mom on the…

A Space for Grace to Enter

By ~Christy | 06/25/2018

As originally published for The Convenings on 6/16/18   The stillness of a recent early summer morning found me in the garden.…

Practicing for Death

By ~Christy | 04/13/2018

It’s been 10 days since I arrived in Germany to companion my friend as she receives treatment for metastatic breast cancer. Originally,…

Creative Engagement

By ~Christy | 04/02/2018

I am departing today for Germany, taking my heart across the ocean in service of a dear friend receiving treatment for metastatic…

Saying Yes

By ~Christy | 03/20/2018

Twenty-two years ago when we met in Shiatsu school, Laura and I became fast friends. Not only did we share a love of…


By ~Christy | 03/03/2018

Last night, a dear friend and I went to see Jonatha Brooke’s My Mother Has 4 Noses at The Jungle Theater. This…


By ~Christy | 02/22/2018

I’m in a place in winter where I ride the tension between what is and what will be. It’s a fine line.…

The Return

By ~Christy | 02/19/2018

I have been waiting for this day. After a walk in the dark around the neighborhood with my husband and pup, after…

Answering the Call

By ~Christy | 01/08/2018

I am in LOVE with the new year and all of its raw possibility! What fun is there to be had? What’s around the next…

Use Your Light

By ~Christy | 01/02/2018

Happy New Year! This time of year is always exciting and rich for me, giving thanks for all that transpired in the…