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Wonder of All Things returns!

On Whose Behalf?

By ~Christy | 04/09/2021

Driving into the park this morning, there was a raccoon lying by the side of the dirt road that winds its way…

New possibilities…

By ~Christy | 07/20/2020

It’s all about identifying the possibilities inherent in holding both what is actually happening for you moment-to-moment alongside the very real desire to survive it for as long as possible. We can do this together.

In Search of Equilibrium

By ~Christy | 04/26/2020

What happens to our relationship with normal when we search for equilibrium instead?

I’m here…

By ~Christy | 03/31/2020

Please note that while I have begun charging for services again, I do so with an enhanced focus on accessibility. More than ever, I am aware of how essential it is that everyone who wants to work with me to co-create their final years and months and days, has the ability to do so. If you haven’t reached out because of ability to pay, I am certain we can work something out that nourishes us both.

The Weight of Knowing

By ~Christy | 01/30/2020

My grandma came home today. One year, three months, and six days after I sat by her side as she took her…

The Gift of Gratitude

By ~Christy | 08/08/2019

“Wonderful work, dear lady!” the email from a past client’s family read. “Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the support you have…

A Deathbed Playlist

By ~Christy | 03/13/2019

The other day, I was driving to a friend’s house when a song I have long loved came on the radio, She Used…

The Death You Want

By ~Christy | 02/21/2019

“Have you given any thought to how you want your end of life to go?” I gently asked my nearly-94-year-old grandma that question one…

Dancing with Death

By ~Christy | 01/29/2019

She questioned the prevailing cancer story and wondered how she could write her own story with cancer from a place of curiosity, kindness, and compassion instead.

Give the Gift of “I Love You”

By ~Christy | 12/30/2018

This holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the ways we can do end of life better. After a doozy of an…

End of Life Doulas Bridge a Gap for the Dying

By ~Christy | 12/18/2018

It might surprise you to hear that a person with life-limiting or terminal illness spends only about 5% of their time with…

Grief and Gratitude

By ~Christy | 12/13/2018

In this time of Thanksgiving, I’m attempting to answer the question, “Can I be grateful for my grief?” in the wake of…